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Bleddfa and Clungunford

Saturday 6th August we were in Bleddfa, Powys, at the incredibly old St.Mary Magdalene's church. It was a stunning sunny evening. We had a small but very appreciative audience. It seems there is a theme growing here, that I thought would be likely, and that is that congregational numbers and live music audience numbers are nothing like they used to be in these rural areas. Many have changed their habits in light of covid, and are no longer as willing to leave house to go to a concert, or even church services. We are both so grateful to those that do attend- and have had such wonderful conversations, and comments alike- and also feel privileged to be able to play in these fantastic old churches.

On 7th August St.Cuthbert's Clungunford was again a beautiful church to play in. We were welcomed by Eddie and Anne, Mike and Isabelle, who helped generously, on the door, making tea and coffee in the interval and generally throughout. An afternoon concert that gave cool respite from the sun outside.

'Wonderful, mystic,meditative music.Perfect for a church setting. We are blessed by having these world class performers play for us. Incredible.Thank you.' audience member

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