I studied violin classically at music school, diversifying into jazz, folk, rock and improvisation at Brunel University. During my time in London I played in the Irish folk band Slainte and with Hot Club bands. My direction took a turn towards violin making whilst being immersed in motherhood, then I completed a Pg dip in Jazz Performance at Birmingham Conservatoire in 2014.


Alfie Bradley's KnifeAngel sculpture started touring UK cities in 2019. The KnifeAngel suite was inspired by this awesome sculpture and feat of craftsmanship that brings awareness to the issues surrounding knife crime and violence in the UK.


duo with Martin Speake

Duo with multi-instrumentalist John Neilson.'Crossings'  2018

Recording and performing with neo-classical Indie composer Tiny Leaves since 2013.

'Notes On Belonging' 2019. 'Alone, not Alone' 2020