Faith studied violin classically at music school, diversifying into jazz, folk, rock and improvisation at Brunel University. She played in Irish folk and Hot Club bands in London in the nineties. After a hiatus  in which she learned how to make and repair stringed instruments, and then being ensconced in motherhood, Faith completed the Pg dip in Jazz Performance at Birmingham Conservatoire in 2014. 

Alfie Bradley's KnifeAngel sculpture has finally started touring UK cities. KnifeAngel suite was inspired by this awesome sculpture and feat of craftsmanship and intends to to help bring awareness to issues surrounding knife crime and aggression in our society today.


Free improvising duo with Martin Speake

I've been collaborating with multi-instrumentalist John Neilson since 2012. We released 'Crossings' in 2018

I've been playing and performing on violin and viola with Tiny Leaves since 2013, featuring on his most recent album, 'Notes On Belonging'.