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Our new double album
Wayward Mystic-Improvisations inspired by the music of St.Hildegard von Bingen, available at

brackenburybianco Bandcamp
Discus Bandcamp

'The instrumentation here is: Faith Brackenbury on violin, viola, vocals & effects pedals and Tony Bianco on drums, percussion and keyboards. There is something magical, haunting, precious, uplifting, resonant, heavenly sounding… going on here. We first hear a calm, drifting soft drone from the violin with Mr. Bianco on subdued yet superb, free-flowing mallet-work. This piece is called, “Hymn of Hildegard” and it is indeed like a sublime hymn. There is a strong focused duo dialogue going on, the violin replacing and enhancing a chorus of angel’s voices. Faith uses her voice together with her violin for “O Frondens Virga”, the balance of the soft voice, accordion squoze violin sound and tabla-like drumming is most hypnotic. Eventually Ms. Brackenbury starts to slowly bend the notes a bit keeping us off-guard while Mr. Bianco switches to the rest of drumset and cymbals. Later on “O Quam Mirabilis”, Faith adds subtle eerie effects to her violin while she sings in Latin (?), like a long lost ghost, there are a few layers all resonating together in a most mesmerizing way.' - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

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