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The times they are a -changing...

I'm going to write a bit about the last three performances in this one post, a bit of a catch up.

Since the first Visio Improvisus performance of the tour on 30th July we have had 11 more dates. The Final One was supposed to have landed on 17th September, which is St.Hildegard's Feast Day, in the stunning Leominster Priory Church- but due to the Queen's passing, we had to reschedule our one on 11th to the 25th, which was fine.

And in these 6-7 weeks, we've seen energy prices go crazy, cost of living climbing ever upwards, fuel prices at all time high, the hottest summer for a long time, a new PM and the end of the long era of Queen Elizabeth II. We've met some fantastic people on our gigs, church helpers, wardens and audience members, a fantastic, enthusiastic and talented young photographer (Ethan Gilbert) and had the privilege of playing in some of the most ancient and beautiful churches on this Welsh/English border- all steeped in their own histories. And you can feel that weight of Time, when in those magnificent buildings. Each one has its own acoustic, light, atmosphere...

We have noticed that live music is struggling, 'post' covid, and now pre a winter of excessive energy bills and food price hikes- people aren't going out, not so much, nor are they so willing to spend. We would not have been able to do this tour without Arts Council England funding- simple as that.

We found each performance had its own 'thing', we've developed the music and ourselves as musicians and are so grateful to the people who came and listened and appreciated our slant on this beautiful sacred music of St.Hildegard. Also to those who bought cds, especially our new album for the tour, 'Wayward Mystic~improvisations inspired by the music of St.Hildegard von Bingen'. (Available at or )

St.Andrew's Church, Adforton, Herefordhire. 10th September.

Our thanks to David and Adrienne.

Leominster Priory Church, Herefordshire, 17th September.

Our thanks to Hilary Norris, Sue and Graham.

St.Luke's Church, Ironbridge. 25th September.

Our thanks to Rev. Okeke, Gail and John.

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